Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

This is the day that really sets it all up for me! The day after Halloween, I really feel as if Thanksgiving and Christmas is now on the fast track. The pumpkins are put away, the patio furniture is being stored, and the Christmas light planning begins. However, we still have the remainder of the day to enjoy Halloween. What are you dressing up as? This morning on the way into the station I started thinking about some of the former costumes I dressed up as kid. I remember my mom would actually buy the kits and sew my costume and brothers costumes every year. One year I went as tweety bird, another year I went as a pirate, and another year I went as Geppetto. I know, why not Pinocchio? Oh well.... It was also my favorite school day of the year because around noon time we would be able to change into our costumes and usually had a costume parade of some sort. Then my mom and some of the room mothers would bring in cupcakes with those plastic things in the frosting, you know what I am talking about? Sometimes a pumpkin or skeleton, I would always think it was a big deal to pick the right cupcake. So as your kids dress up tonight and head out to Trick or Treat, remember how you felt and the memories your creating for them.

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