Monday, November 7, 2011


Over the past week and a half I have gotten a lot of feed back from you our viewers, more so than anything else I have ever done here at FOX19. We kicked off Dare Frank where you went to our Facebook Page and submitted DARES for me to do. I have had many questions about which DARE did I like the best and what I am going to do next. Let me start with I thought broadcasting from the top of Great American Tower, belly dancing, and getting kids off to school were my favorites. The views from Great American Tower were simply awesome, I would love to have a weather center on top at 655 feet in the air. The belly dancing was a real challenge but I think for learning the routine quickly I did pretty well, plus you saw my belly, I mean what else says great morning tv while eating your breakfast. So what is next? Well I am taking a a day or two off as we will be working on a new series on what we always have wanted to do, but I am taking new DARES as we speak. Just e-mail me at or visit our web page at and click on DARE Frank! What would you like to see me do?

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