Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Mr. Bo-Tis

Good Morning, Frank Marzullo Here....Let me be the first to say I love Thanksgiving, the food and everything that goes with it, including family. I have never been one to put the Christmas lights up or a tree until after Thanksgiving. However, this year is a little different with my parents coming in town this weekend we wanted to have the house decorated for the holidays, so we started this weekend. This is the first Christmas that my girlfriend and I have spent together so we want to make it special and start our own traditions. We have decided to put two trees up this year one is my former tree that I got last year, all pre-lit with my green and red ornaments. It is very traditional but now that I do not live in a apartment, I want a real tree. There is something about the smell of real pine and the twinkling lights. So we will be getting our real tree this week to put up in time and we have been buying our decorations like crazy. By the way I never realized how much decorations are, my oh my. We also have our stockings up, including two for Mr. Benson and Mr. Otis. The outside is simple with white snowflake lights, with the exception of Bo-tis. This is a combination of Mr. Otis and Mr. Benson, a furry light up white dog with a Christmas hat on. It has been the centerpiece of our holiday so far! I just hope the tree does not dry out before Christmas! I will show you my unique way of watering the tree later.

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