Friday, November 11, 2011

Who Dey? Who Me?

It's an understatement to say Cincinnati is excited about Sunday. The orange-hot Bengals host the Steelers at home. A win could mean the Bengals take the AFC North lead...and bragging rights to your loud Pittsburgh friends, I'mLookingAtYouDanWells.
But one fan is more pumped than most. I will not only watch the action this weekend...but also be part of it. This Sunday...I'm becoming a Ben-Gal!
Okay, not really. But the Ben-Gal Cheerleaders were kind enough to invite me to practice with them and live out one of my fantasies: to experience the life of an NFL cheerleader! I've been learning the pre-game dance, and will dance with the Ben-gals at Paul Brown Stadium before this Sunday's game.To say that I'm excited...and nervous...would also be an understatement.But the girls have been more than supportive. I went to my second practice last night at Paul Brown Stadium. Although I had learned most of the dance (Disclaimer: That doesn't mean well), I didn't know the formations the girls would be taking on the field. What I also didn't know, was that we would be going out on the field last night. Yes, the night of the first flurries of the season.But as my teeth were chattering on the field, I could only think one thing as I looked up at the stands: how cool is this? Although I was on the dance team in high school, I've never before done something of this magnitude.
The Ben-Gals get to perform on the field in front of thousands of fans every home game, but the girls don't let it go to their pretty heads. They demonstrated infinite kindness (and patience) with me as I learned the dance.
So your probably wondering, after all this practice, will I score or fumble with the dance? Join us Monday on the FOX19 Morning News to find out!

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