Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fox19 Morning News Cooking Competition

Frank made penne with vodka sauce. It was really good.

He took it very seriously, and freaked out when the burners failed to work properly. However it tasted good.

Good morning everyone. Rob here.

I cook next week. Unlike Brad Underwood, I don't cook that often. Don't get me wrong; I like cooking. I just don't like to eat what I have cooked. Is that weird? I digress. Stephanie cooks today. She's making risotto. I think that's risky. Has she not seen the show Top Chef? Risotto is like kryptonite to the contestants. We will see how it turns out for her. Watch her cook at 8:15.

I decided to make Tonkatsu for the cooking competition. What is that you ask? It is a popular dish in Japan. It consists of a breaded deep-fried pork cutlet. It was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese in the late 19th century.

A pork fillet is salted, peppered, dredged lightly in flour, dipped into beaten eggs, coated with panko (Japanese style bread crumbs) then deep fried.

All that is easy. However, finding the sauce that goes with the dish was a little difficult. It is called bulldog sauce. (don't ask me why) I looked in the international aisle at Kroger, but couldn't find it. I knew that Jungle Jim's sold the sauce, but do you know how far that is for me. I then remembered that there is an Asian Supermarket in Evendale. It is called Cam's. Found it there, no problem. So I'm set for the Fox19 cooking competition. Hope I make my mother proud.

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