Monday, December 12, 2011

Running On Empty

Good Morning, Marzullo Here...So Monday's are tough to begin with, you have a great weekend, running errands, spending time with friends, and sleeping the best thing is to have a easy start to the day. My day started like any other with a quick shower and a glass of milk all by 3:15am. Then it was out the door, I spent 5 minutes scrapping ice off my car and then as I started down the road I realized I needed some gas, so I pulled into the gas station. However, the gas tanks were not working, there system was down, so I said to myself " I will be okay, I can make it. " So I was driving down Columbia Parkway when I heard my car sputter for a moment, and then the car lost it's get up and go. I started to coast for a little bit all while alarms went off in my car. Yep, I RAN OUT OF GAS! I got nervous because of all the stories we do on accidents on Columbia Parkway, so I wanted to make sure I made it to the turn off just before the Mt. Adams ramp. I made it just into the pull off and then I put on my flashers. So what was I to do? I called in to work, I knew I was going to miss the 4am show, then I had to call my WONDERFUL GIRLFRIEND! Yep, I had to wake her up, she ran to the gas station at 3:45am and got me 2 gallons of gas. This was so sweet, once she arrived however, I had to figure out how to open this darn gas can. This process took 20mins, pull the cap off, pull out this long funnel thing, and then try to figure out how to break the seal on the top of the can. This was the part that was a bit crazy, but after some time and gas spilling on my clothes I finally figured it out. The moral of this story do not run out of gas at 3:30am !

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