Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Want To Run A Marathon?

There's help if you do.
Hey everyone. Rob here.
Training for 26.2 miles is tough. Especially, if you do it alone. You don't to though. Bob Roncker's running group is a great way to have some help. The group is also a great way to have some company.
After the first of the year, hundreds of runners gather for the first run. There are two weekday runs in the evening. Then there's the long weekend run. By the end of training, you will run 18, 19, 20 plus miles run. This is when the groups expertise and company of fellow runners really help. The encouragement of fellow runners and carbs and water set out along the way help you to keep moving.
There's a staff of 25 coaches that map out the training runs to get you ready for the half or full marathon. That's Joe Fung. He comes up with some really tough runs. Finishing a marathon, especially the flying pig is tough. Training with the group with make it easier though.
The next informational meeting is tomorrow night at 7:30. It will be held at the Running Spot in Newport. That's across the street from Atlas Cleaners. (great place to take your clothes BTW)
If you can't make it, there are two more. You can find all the information by going to this website: http://runningspot.com/flyingpigmarathon.php
The first training run will be January 7th. Hope to see you then. Happy New Year!

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