Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where's My Little Girl?!


So it seems it was just yesterday that I was putting my daughter...Lacey’s hair in pony tails and maybe on special occasions...letting her paint her sweet little lips with my lip gloss.
She is all girl. Always has been.

Saturday night....we fast forwarded. I'm not sure how we got there....actually I can barely look at the pictures from the night's event. It was Lace's Winter Formal at her school...Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Middle School. To commemorate the event....Lace invited some of her very special friends and their families over before the big dance. Her friends arrived in their sweats......long dangling curls....NO MAKEUP! They were giggling and bursting with excitement. I caught my 14 year old boys rolling their eyes a few times...and mumbling..."Oh my gosh.” Oh...don't get me wrong...they like girls! So, we ate and visited. Thankful for the sweet friends Lace has found and their families. After dinner...the girls quickly disappeared upstairs.

Moments later....the transformations! OMG!!!!! Where did those little girls go?????? NO PONY TAILS... but, lots of lip gloss! We all gasped and stood in awe as they walked one by one down the stairs in their heels. The only saving grace.... they were still giggling.....acting like 13 year old girls do. AND …the blessing in it all? Not too grown up to kiss their parents goodbye. I even heard a few say..."I LOVE YOU!" Enjoy each moment!

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