Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fighting The Fall Bug

I got my flu shot.

Sheila here.
October is here, the official start of flu season. I get a flu shot every year, and so does my family. This year federal health officials are urging every American, every age, to get that shot to avoid the flu bug. This is the first year the Centers for Disease Control has made that recommendation. Historically, the government recommended flu shots for just the very young and the elderly, but this year there is plenty of vaccine to go around.

Remember last year when we saw long lines for flu shot clinics? There wasn't enough H1N1 vaccine to go around last year, but this year that's not a problem. The H1N1 vaccine is right in the same shot as the seasonal flu vaccine, and the government ordered 160-million doses.

And it's easier than ever to get vaccinated. You've probably seen the signs up at every Kroger and Walgreens store. It's especially important for pregnant women to get their shots. The flu can be even more dangerous for them and for their babies.

Last year's national campaign to stop H1N1 is widely considered a success. Doctors say public awareness is what stopped the swine flu last year, but they caution it's still around.

Now I'm ready!

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