Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This Is It

5 days and counting.

Hey everyone. Rob here. The Columbus Marathon is this Sunday. Months of training, miles of running will be tested for 3 hours Sunday morning.

A little nervous. A lot excited. I will spend this week relaxing, enjoying the downtime, and drinking plenty of water.
This Friday I will load up on carbohydrates.

Now that really is getting me excited. I can have pizza or a plate full of pancakes.

I'm all set with accommodations. There was a little drama there. There isn't one hotel room available in all of downtown Columbus. A little advice here: book early. I started checking on rooms 6 weeks ago and they were almost all sold out. Luckily with Sheila's help I was able to get a room downtown last minute.

So I'm set for my 10th marathon. I'm going trust the training and most importantly I'm going to have fun and enjoy the run. Also, enjoy the company of 10,000 other runner whose last 3 months has been a lot like mine. Wish me luck. Rob

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