Monday, October 11, 2010

I Am A Bit Spoiled

Good Morning Everyone, Frank Here...I was going to talk about the Bengals and Reds lost, of course the Reds had a great season and we are proud of them, but I think for now we must look forward and move on. So I will talk about how it is always great to go home! This weekend I took a quick trip to my parents for some rest and relaxation, now while my mom does not do my laundry, I am still a bit spoiled. Wow, what a weekend 12 hours of sleep Friday night and then 9 hours of sleep on Saturday. Mom made me my favorite meal of beer brisket and mashed potatoes, so good! However, the big topic of discussion was do we dress our pets for Halloween? Now while I love Mr. Benson, I do draw a line when it comes to Halloween costumes or any outfit for your pet. However, when mom was in Naples, Florida a few weeks ago she picked Mr. Benson up a costume, now I can't say no to mom so we tried on his new ROOSTER costume! Okay, it is kinda of funny and yeah he will enjoy it for about 5 minuets because he then was trying to take it off. That is why the picture is a bit BLURRY he was moving around. So that is where we stand with that! Okay, I am off to prepare for your FOX19 News Morning Xtra.

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