Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reggae Run

Frank is out of town on a "weather" conference, so we are all getting pushed up a day.

Hi guys. Rob here. Frank will be blogging tomorrow when he returns to the morning news.

This past Friday was the Reggae Run in and around Ault Park. Its a 5K started 1994 in memory of Maria Olberding. She was slain while running in the Mt. Lookout area. Her family started the run, which has now ballooned to nearly 5,000 runners. The Reggae Run is special to me. Not just because of the story of how it started. It was also my first 5K in Cincinnati. Anyone will tell you it is a challenging run. The first half is fast and downhill. The second half is the exact opposite.
Ironically, I didn't run it this year. It was cold, and with the Columbus Marathon 2 weeks away I passed. I however did go to the party. That's the great thing about the Reggae Run. It is great for non-runners too. There's food, beer, wine and great Reggae music which Maria loved. The money raised helps the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Too late for this year, but check it out next year. Make sure you check out the Oldberding's Chili. It is awesome.

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