Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mr. Benson Has A City

Good Morning Everyone, I missed you...Frank Marzullo Here! First I want to thank Pat Barry and Dan Wells for taking over my duties while I was in a series of in depth, scientific, and intense meeting at the National Weather Association Conference in sunny and hot Tucson, Arizona. While I spent most of my time training on radar systems and learned about micro climate forecasting, I did have a little time to venture out and check out parts of southern Arizona. I had to make a quick drive over to Benson, Arizona. Why you may ask? Well of course my dog is Mr. Benson and I wanted to check out the town that was named after him. There was not much in Benson, Arizona but I did see the statue that was built to honor everyone's favorite weather dog. Another stop I made was a drive by the " Plane Grave Yard " which is in Tuscon. This is a large parcel of land where old planes come to die. It is amazing, to see the thousands of 747's, F-16, DC-9's, and other aircraft that are no longer in service. During the week you can take tours but on weekends you can just drive along the fence and view them from the outside. The biggest thing I learned about Arizona is that you have to stay hydrated, I have never drank as much water as I have in the past several days. All in all it was a great conference but I am ready to get back in the swing of things and say GO REDS!

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