Friday, February 17, 2012

Night At The Ballet

Hola! Stephanie here. Happy Friday to you J
One of the things I love most about Cincinnati is the culture. There’s so much to do…and people actually do it! In other cities I’ve worked in…including even big cities like New York and D.C….the theatre is something people procrastinate. “Oh I should go see that show.” “Oh I would if I had the time.”
But Cincinnatians enjoy the arts! As did I this past weekend. My best friend Cassie and I headed over to the Aronoff for the Cincinnati Ballet’s production of Carmen! Now I love the music from Carmen, but had never seen the ballet before.
Boy were we in for a treat. Choreographer Amedeo Amodio did an amazing job of combining traditional ballet moves, modern flow, and Spanish salsa. Anyone who works a morning show can tell you it’s not easy to stay awake for an 8pm show. However, the drama, scandal, and seduction beautifully performed by the cast had me wide awake throughout the performance.
The real star however, is Carmen herself. Maizyalet Velázquez was an absolute delight to watch. Not only is the young Puerto Rican ballerina technically superior and gorgeous, but her haughty expressions and convincing portrayal of a seductress really set her apart from other dancers.
Definitely catch this show this weekend if you can!

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