Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tonight Tonight ....

Marzullo Here: Over the years a lot of Broadway musicals have come and gone. The ones that last have the core set of values that set the good apart from the bad. West Side Story is a American classic which is set in the 1950's in New York City. The show first hit Broadway in 1957 telling the story of two rival gangs the Jets and the Sharks. It explores the difference and the rivalry of two ethnic backgrounds. The latest edition is on tour and is currently on stage at The Aronoff Center downtown. The performance is first class and the energy level is one of a kind. Do yourself a favor and check it out, you will realize what makes musical theater so amazing. The show is a classic love story, almost Romeo and Juliet like and also shows how far our country has come. My favorite performers from last night Anita was awesome she plays the girlfriend of the leader of the Sharks and I loved the Officer Krupke number. I was amazed at how many songs I remember, America, Tonight Tonight, and Maria. While sitting in the audience last night I remembered when I was a kid I did really well on a report card and my mother took me to a show downtown and that show was West Side Story, so create memories with your family. A little warning there was some adult references.

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