Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vote For Eben!!

American Idol is back tonight. I'm really liking the show this season.

It's down to the top 24. Eben Franckewitz is among them. He's a freshman at Milford High School and lives in Loveland. America met him a few weeks back, when the Idol hopefuls were auditioning in Pittsburgh. We met him early February, when he stopped by the Fox19 studios. Not only is he a great singer and performer. He's also a great guy. At 15 he's mature and seems unflappable. That will help him as the competition plays out. The men and boys will perform one night. The women and girls will perform on the other. Then 12 people will be kicked off the show the 3rd night. That's a lot of people who will have their dreams dashed early in the show.

I'm encouraging the entire tri-state to join Milford High School to vote for Eben. The school is holding a viewing party tonight. This is the first time someone from our area has made it this far on American Idol. Lets keep him on stage for as long as possible. If you missed his audition, take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5n4c0FLYtc

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