Monday, March 19, 2012

The Heat Is On

So sitting in my green t-shirt this weekend I had to do a calendar check was it St. Patricks Day or 4th of July? With the unseasonably warm air it was almost unbelievable and it will stay this way over the next several days. Temperatures should be around 54 degrees but after a record high of 79 degrees on Sunday we will now be climbing into the 80's this week. Our record for Monday is 81 degrees we could tie or break it. It is amazing because in some ways you do not want to start opening the house and doing those warm weather things, but at the same time it feels like winter is over. Officially winter will end at 1:14am on Tuesday and then it will snow! Just kidding! It is amazing though we visited my friends at there lake house in St. Joe, Michigan over the weekend and people were actually in swim suits. The beaches of Lake Michigan are awesome the gold sand just squeezes through your toes and the water is clear and gorgeous. It was a little to cold however to take a dip. We sat out on the dock and enjoyed the sunshine, in fact we had to take the windows off the screen porch and we did plenty of grilling. What have you grilled this year? Share your recipes with me. Enjoy the heat this week it will stick around through Thursday.

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