Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Love For The Bobcats

How 'bout my Bobcats?

Sheila here.
Okay, I'll admit it. I'm not much of a basketball fan. The only time I really get into hoops is during March Madness, so I wasn't following John Groce and Ohio U's team until the tournament. I always fill out a bracket though, and the most fun for me is when there are good upsets. The Bobcats gave us a good one -- followed by another win to make it to the Sweet 16 -- and now I'm hoping they can give us another big victory against the big men of North Carolina.

Our producer, Dan Romito, scolded me the other day and asked me how I can call them "my Bobcats" when I'm also a fan of the Buckeyes. Who says you can't be a fan of more than one team? It's thrilling for all of us around here to see TWO Cincinnati teams - FOUR Ohio teams - and even BOTH big teams from Kentucky in the Big Dance. But when it comes right down to it, you support your alma mater. THAT'S a no brainer, and my alma mater is Ohio University. I loved that place from the first moment I set foot on the campus in Athens, and I love it today.

I was in the Convo for some games during my time at OU, and the Bobcats won the MAC Championship when I was a student. I was picturing how crazy it must've been last Friday night on Court Street, but then I found out most of the students were headed out of town for spring break. I read a newspaper article this week which called Ohio the "New Darlings." Move over Butler and VCU, MY darlings are on the prowl! And no matter who wins the tournament, I will always be one proud Bobcat.

Want to see my prediction for Friday night's game? Take a look at this video from 2002 (with thanks to Brad Underwood for finding it!)

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