Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Sweet It Is!

After six days of hoops, only 16 teams remain. Add to that, a quarter of them are from Ohio. That’s extra sweet.

Brad here.

So how does your bracket look? I’m guessing it’s like a lot of brackets out there, busted. Mine is broken, but not calling it a bust just yet. I still have three of my final four teams left after Florida State lost to Cincinnati Sunday night. However, I like that upset, you can feel the vibe here in Cincinnati as the bearcats get set to play Ohio State on Thursday. Xavier is still alive too. They’ve been in the sweet 16 four times in the last five years. Then you have the MAC tournament champs, Ohio University. The Bobcats beat Michigan and South Florida to get the sweet 16 for the first time since 1964.

Looking back at the first weekend, there is so much to talk about. First and foremost, great games! The drama of March and college basketball was front and center in the sports world and once again, it delivered. Back and forth battles, seniors leading teams, freshmen making names for themselves and oh yeah, the upsets! After an average Thursday, Friday filled the void, starting with Norfolk State taking down number two seed and favorite Missouri. Norfolk State had never won a game in the NCAA tournament until this one. My personal favorite upset of the day, DUKE. Take that Dukies! I think I can speak for all Butler fans and thousands of other fans across the country that just don’t like that team from Durham. It came down to the end for a few games; Purdue and St. Mary’s, Alabama and Creighton, Ohio and Michigan, plus the Xavier vs. Notre Dame, all entertaining.

My personal highlight was Saturday night. No, it had nothing to do with the color green, but Cream and Crimson baby. Welcome back to the Sweet 16, Indiana!!!! I watched the final five minutes of this game much like I did every single Butler game the last two years, jumping, yelling, pacing. In the end, the Hoosiers did it, setting up a date with Kentucky in Atlanta on Friday night. If UK fans forget what happened earlier this season on December 10th,, let’s refresh. Indiana beat the number one team in the country, Kentucky.

Even though my bracket is set let’s do a little predicting of the teams that are left. I like UC in the upset over Ohio State and I think Xavier will get to elite eight too. I think Wisconsin, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Michigan State, Marquette, and Indiana will all advance too. My final four of the teams that are left includes North Carolina, Marquette, Indiana and Wisconsin. I’m sticking with my initial pick of UNC over Marquette in the championship game.


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