Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beating the Winter Blues

We are starting a new series here on the morning news. It will hopefully give you ideas on how to beat the winter blues.

Hi everyone. Rob here.

We all headed to Rockquest in Sharonville yesterday. Everyone except for Brad Underwood. He's already beating the winter blues. He's on vacation in Florida.

Rockquest allows people of all ages and all levels of climbing ability to act as Spiderman for a bit.

The wall we scaled was 4 and a half stories tall. I took a picture of Sheila, Katy and Tracey climbing the wall. Katy's way up top, but all three made it to the top. Actually, everyone made it to the top except for one. (I will allow you to guess who that is)

It was challenging and surprisingly grueling. The height can freak you out for a while. It did me, but the more you climb the easier it gets.

The expert climbers who guided us yesterday were fantastic. They made us feel comfortable and most importantly safe. Find out more at www.rockquest.com

Our Dan Well has some advice for men and what not to wear. If you want to know more, email him at dwells@fox19.com

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