Monday, January 9, 2012

Still Dreaming Of Food

It is hard to belive I have not seen or talked to you since last year! I know bad joke, right? Happy New Year to everyone, it has been awhile since we have talked but it is good to be back with you after some vacation time. Marzullo Here: I have to say while time is off is amazing after while you miss your everyday routine, maybe I can do without the waking up at 2:45am, but that means I would not be able to do what I so enjoy and that is waking you up every morning. We spent about 10 days down in Southwest Florida, a few years ago my parents bought a place in Cape Coral, Florida which is between Naples and Fort Meyers. With us gone for several days we decided to make it easier we would just drive so my girlfriend and I divide the drive up with the first leg to Atlanta and then onto Cape Coral the next day. So much I could talk about, yes the weather was fantastic with temperatures near 80 degrees and sunny our first 4 days and then it cooled down a bit into the 60 degree range before warming back up our last 2 days. One thing on want to touch on is the best meal I have had in a very long time. The restaurant is called Bistro 821 and if your heading to Naples anytime soon it's on 5th avenue in old Naples. A very comfortable atmosphere with food that will dance in your mouth with every bite. You will recognized most things on the menu but the tastes are amazing and presentation even better. My girlfriend who loves seafood had the seabass and prawns duet with a miso sauce while I went with the fork tender pot roast and the largest carrot I have ever seen. The gravy for my pot roast was a parsnip gravy and was served on the most amazing mash potatoes I have ever had. What was even better was the appetizer which was a goat cheese potato fritter with a demi glaze...OH MY AMAZING! I love food we are both foodies and trust me if your in the area this place is a must, especially for a special occasion, it was a our anniversary and it was the perfect way to spend the evening. The second part of my trip I loved was our spa and relaxation day but I'll save those stories for the air. It is good to be back and now lets track some snow!!!

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