Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Steamboat Springs

Greetings, friends, from Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

Marzullo here. I know the weather was a bit rough at home on Tuesday, here it was about 8 below here when you had your thunderstorms. If you have been watching some of our broadcasts you know I have been here LIVE as part of the 23rd Annual Steamboat Weather Summit. It has been a great time learning from some of the tops in our field while at the same time hitting the slopes.

To start, on the work side of things, did you know the field of space weather is one of the fastest growing areas of forecasting? It's increasingly important to know when solar flares may occur and radiational storms could take out radio transmissions for several hours. Airlines, especially, have to have a heads up.

On the fun side I have been getting a lot of ski time as we got 11 inches of much needed fresh powder here. This morning on the Xtra you will see me try to snow board. I took part in this yesterday and I have to be honest that's the only reason I am writing this blog.

I am so sore right now I can't move, so I said "Oh, let me lie here with my glass of wine and a few Advil and write my blog. Seriously though, I loved it and found it really challenging, but I have never been so sore or felt so out of shape. In the meantime, stay tuned for my live reports from Steamboat on Fox 19.

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