Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I’m still coming down from my sugar high…

Good Tuesday, Brad here.
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to be a judge in cookie contest for a great cause, Cookies4Cancer. The event was put on by hospitality science students at Antonelli College in West Chester. The money raised went to the Bowman and North families who are both dealing with cancer.
A mix of 20 amateur and professional bakers sold their cookies to the public to raise the funds for the families, but before that I was a judge with some baking superstars. We had to judge all the cookies and announce a winner and runner up. The other judges were: Chef Pamela Sturkey, formerly of mesh restaurant in West Chester Twp.; pastry Chef Megan Ketover from the Netherland Hilton; Chef Ronnie Givens from Morrison’s; and General Electric executive Christian H. Blake .
I must say it was a blast, I have never done anything like it and it showed. I ate the first two cookies then realizing there is no way I could eat 20 cookies! It was so interesting watching and listening to the real chef’s taste, critique and compare all the cookies. It was especially fun to watch Chef Sturkey and Chef Ketover. They took tiny bites and then placed the rest of the cookie on a napkin and number it. Later they would take another bite and compare some more. So, like a nerd and a fan of the two, I followed their lead.
The winning cookie was from Cleveland, it was a tea cookie with fresh raspberry jam on top with an icing glaze sealing it all in. very delicious. However, my favorite cookie which was actually the runner up was this sugar cookie made by a 17 year old high school student from Hamilton. Sarah Stumpf and her sugar cookie covered in green and red sprinkles. It was so good, a very simple sugar cookie, but soft and full of flavor. Sarah actually sells them through her email, she has a business card and even a good company name, Cookies For College. She makes Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Crème Pie, Gingersnap, Snickerdoodle and Sugar. She told us that she is hoping to go a culinary school for college. Good Luck Sarah, so far so good with the cookies.
I think I would love to do something like this again, I just hope there’s a smaller number of samples to taste, my sugar levels were that of a kid on Halloween.

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