Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Weddings??? I'm Broke!

Hey everyone. Brad here.

Wedding season is here in full swing actually. At the age of 28, I can't help but notice all my friends are getting married... some even having kids. I've been to three wedding already this summer and currently have seven invitations sitting on my desk at home for ceremonies over the next month and a half!!! Three of the weddings are on the same day and none in the same city. One here in Cincinnati, another in Peoria, IL and a third in San Antonio, TX. Too many options! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good reception as much as the next guy, but it's becoming more involved the older I get. So as my wedding attendance increases, I need some help figuring out all the do's and don't here. Lets start with the gift, how much money do I need to spend on a gift? I used to think I could buy something off the registry and I would be OK, apparently I was wrong. Recently someone told me the gift should have a value of $50. Really? And if it's a plus one invite, the gift should cost around $100, because we account for two dinners. Can this be right? Until this summer I had always wrong a full suit at every wedding I ever attended. Until last week. I went to an outdoor wedding in Ohio! Yes, outside in this muggy, sweaty mess, so I had to adjust my typical attire. But what's acceptable? I saw people in shorts, flip flops, tee-shirts and one guy even had on jorts (jean shorts). I wore a button up and thin dress slacks. Still sweaty. I have another outdoor Ohio wedding in a couple of weeks, but this time the reception is outside too! I figured I could dress down a little bit with some linen pants and maybe a button up.. Nope. We were told to dress like a normal wedding, except it's not a normal wedding. Everything is outside. Well I at least can look forward to all the good food, drinks and a dance floor.

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