Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend On The River

You had to almost feel guilty this past weekend as parts of the country were hammered with Hurricane Irene, which was historic in that this one storm effected a record number of people. While the east was hit with heavy wind and flooding rains our weather was just picture perfect. In the middle of updating our radio partner 700 WLW with Hurricane Updates, I enjoyed our fantastic weather along the mighty Ohio River. I spent Saturday near Vevay, Indiana at a friends place along the river. It was first time really spending a entire afternoon and evening along the river which reminds me more of a inland lake than a river. The light breeze and the sunshine was perfect for hitting the open water on the boat and we were not a lone, this section of the river near the Markland Dam was packed with pleasure boaters. After spending the afternoon basking in the sun it was time for a text book summer dinner. We fired up the grill and I grilled my pork tenderloin and some white wine and lemon shrimp. We also through the bake potatoes and fresh corn on the cob on the grill. By the way if you have never been to the Newtown Farmers market, get yourself out there, WOW GREAT CORN. The only bad part of this weekend was that slowly but surely I realized summer is coming to a end, so do yourself a favor get outside enjoy the weather and kick back with some gorgeous sunsets before the the snow starts to fly.

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