Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Me & T

They call this work??

Sheila here.
Four days until Sunday, when I'll just be hanging out along the Ohio River with my girlfriend, Tricia Macke.

Last year, Fox 19 took over the coverage of the Cincinnati Bell WEBN Fireworks, and Tricia and I get to host the show once again this year. You could say Tricia is the best friend I never see! When I'm waking up in the morning, she's just gone to bed. When I'm going to bed, she's in the middle of a newscast! You get the picture. Our lives are alike in a lot of ways--both busy moms with fun jobs (and cute husbands), but with opposite schedules. We look forward to the fireworks show because, as Tricia puts it, "It's late enough in the day that we're both semi-awake!"

Hosting the Last Blast of Summer on Fox 19 gives us a chance to catch up.

We had a great time last year, sitting on our porch at Newport on the Levee, people watching and talking with Tricia's daughter Kaitlynn. This will be the 35th year for the WEBN fireworks display, and I asked Tricia if she watched the first one. She did, from her mom and dad's deck in Newport. Since then, it's become a Uehlien family tradition. Tricia's favorite memory is just being with her whole family, and she lets her kids stay up for the whole show, no matter how late.

So this Sunday, Fox 19 will feed us, we'll "ooh and ah" over the fireworks on live TV, wait out the traffic afterward, and then my girlfriend Tricia and I will toast another show for the record books. Can you believe someone actually pays us for this?!

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