Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer In The 'Nati - Making Memories

This year I have had the best Summer in the 'Nati I can ever remember.

Hi, it's Sheila.
Paul McCartney is one of the big reasons.
I don't even know the words to describe the joy I felt at his concert last Thursday at Great American Ball Park. Joy that he recognized my Reds with his handsome red jacket. Joy at hearing songs which make up so much of the music from my childhood to adulthood. My mother claims I danced to Beatles music when I was a toddler, and every memory I have of swimming at the Sidney pool in the summertime as I was growing up has Paul McCartney & Wings playing in the background. Joy that I was seeing one of music's greatest composers and influences. My girlfriend Sharon and I couldn't stop talking about how happy Paul seemed while he was singing, talking with the audience, and playing incredible rifs on I don't know how many guitars - including the original guitar he played when he was making music with the Beatles.

Paul wrote, "The Love you take is equal to the love you make." He passed out so much love here in Cincinnati. I feel so lucky to have been part of that special night.
Hats off to the Cincinnati Reds for bringing him here, and hats off to Downtown Cincinnati for rolling out the Red Carpet to everyone who came in from all over the world (there were fans from Essex, England and Australia on stage with him at the end of the concert.)

Paul is gone, but here's something you can do to make some great memories for your family.

Go on a Night Hike at the Cincinnati Zoo.

This is my little guy, Eric, walking with our instructor, Miss Peggy, last Saturday. Night hikes are a fun way see the zoo when it's not crowded with visitors. My husband Ric and I started off in the classroom with other families as our instructor quizzed the kids about animal facts. For this class, the questions pertained to aquatic animals, and the kids got to touch a two-year-old alligator and a small spotted turtle. Then we hit the trails at the Zoo with our group. The weather was perfect, and we learned a lot! You can sleep over at the Zoo too, and there are lots of dates still available. Find out more at

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