Thursday, August 11, 2011

What A Cute Dog! What is she?

Good morning, happy Thursday everyone! Anyone whose had a dog knows that question. Now that it’s cooling off a bit, Tom and I can resume our evening walks with Casey more often. And almost every time we are out walking, someone stops to comment on how cute Casey is. (and why wouldn’t they!) She especially had peoples’ attention when she was a puppy a couple years ago, and we got the question all the time, “What kind of dog is she?” We never knew how to respond, because we picked her out from a newspaper add that claimed she was a Australian Sheppard/Lab mix. It wasn’t long after adopting her that we knew that couldn’t be correct because of her size. So that following Christmas I decided to surprise Tom with a “Doggie DNA test” Have you ever heard of these? They claim to pick out the breeds in your dog with just a swab of cheek cells from the dog. So I wanted to see what breeds of dog were in Casey, and got the test kit. The results were surprising! We found out Casey has a little bit of everything in here, including Miniature Pincher, German Shorthair Pointer, Chow Chow, Rottweiler, and Shar Pei ! So now when people ask us what kind of dog she is we’ll say… “She’s a Min-pin Pei Pointer Chowler”. Or… for short, a mutt. And in my opinion, they are the best kind of dog there is!

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