Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blue Oven Bakery

I'm a stalker.

Hello everyone. Rob here.

I'm a stalker of Blue Oven Bakery. It was featured in Cincinnati Magazine a few month back. Then we had the owner, Mark Frommeyer on the show. He's actually a high school classmate of our senior producer. Mark came on told us his story and showed us all different types of bread baked in his wood fired oven. They're delicious. Their website http://www.blueovenbakery.com/ reads: We want to know what we eat, we know what we want to put out there, and we are committed authenticity. That's why we use organic and local ingredients in our baked goods. Growing organically without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic chemicals is better for the soils, the creatures in and around the soil, and our health. Who wouldn't want to eat that. Blue Oven makes whole wheat bread, apricot walnut cranberry bread, baguettes, and my favorite English muffin.

You can find the breads on certains at Findlay Market, Hyde Park's farmer's market and in the Northside neighborhood. Get there early, as they sell out quickly.

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