Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day !

Happy Monday! Frank Here... How was your Father's Day? Did you say thank you to dad for helping you through life? Did you say thank you to dad for putting things inperspective and always being understanding and helpful even if you have not always showed how greatful you are to him? I was able to get up to Cleveland and spend sometime with my dad and mother who I do see often but there is something special about Father's Day itself. I think so many times we probably take our dads for granted because they do not ask for much in return so it is easy to forget but at least one day a year we can say thanks. We spent the morning together with some brunch outdoors and told a few good stories over some bloody marys and eggs benedict. My dad is a great guy after working his entire life he is finally slowing down with his Monday through Friday job but not is working even harder with his second love of his yard. Every weekend he is adding some new shrub, plant, or water fountain. So thanks dad for everything, love you very much!

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