Friday, June 10, 2011

A good movie and REDBOX!

Good Morning - Dan Wells writing...TGIF! I hope this note finds you well and good spirits.

With it being 90 degrees afternoon movie doesn't sound so bad. Right? Well to be honest, I haven't seen (in my mind) a good film in quite some time. Actually, It's been so long, that I can't even tell you what the last "great" movie was.

But months ago, I had a feeling a "great" movie was on the horizon, before all the nominations and award shows, I tagged this one as a winner. The previews alone were enough to sell this phenomenal story.

DRUM ROLL...I'm talking about The King's Speech!

Now, If you're asking yourself why I didn't actually go to the movie when it came out, the honest answer is...I'm cheap a $10 dollar movie ticket just doesn't work for me.

If you are unfamiliar with The King's Speech, it is a detailed look into King George VI of Britain, and his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it.

Throughout the movie, King George, played by Colin Firth, must overcome a debilitating stammer which makes him an unsuitable fit for the role of king to many of the people of England.

This film is a real mix of every type of genre; it is dramatic, funny, suspensful, and informative. It is an excellent example of fantastic acting, directing, and writing.

The actors are real and easy to connect to.

They make you laugh, cry, and keep you on your toes. It is a story of friendship, trust, and loyalty. It is also an insightful picture into the life of royalty that many may not have known.

In my mind, this is a capitivating and impressive film which, as you can tell, comes highly recommended! So go see it, and the best part, it was ONE DOLLAR.

You have to love - Redbox!

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