Monday, June 13, 2011

A Tavola

Checked out Gateway Quarter's newest restaurant.

I was delicious. Hey everyone. Rob here.

A Tavola located in the 12ooth block of Vine Street in Over-The-Rhine.

I loved the food there. So much so, I defended the quality of the food to some guy who called it average. I was said by a guy who didn't seem too discriminating when it came to what he threw down his gullet. Most reviews I have read online agree with me. Now lets back to the restaurant and its food.

The restaurant was created by Jared Wayne, Same Ginocchio and Bill Draznik. The wood burning oven was imported from Italy and produces NYC style pie. It's thin and chewy. We got the margherita pizza. It cost a reasonable $10 bucks. It tasted so good, I would have have paid more. The cheese was fresh. The crust was fantastically chewy in some parts, crispy in others. Oh we also ordered the sweet corn ricotta bruschetta. It was so good, when the server asked us how we liked it, we ordered another one. The menu is super small. When you do something well, you don't need of a lot stuff. A Tavola. Check it out. I'm looking forward to eating there over and over again this summer.

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