Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer In The 'Nati - Take Two

There's nothing like summer in the 'nati! Sheila here, and we are finding so many fun things to do I decided to make this an ongoing series of 'blogs!

If you haven't been out to Lunken Field in awhile, you're really missing something. We went last week to see the B-29 Flying Fortress, the only B-29 from World War Two which is still flying. I was amazed at its size. Ric and Eric waited in line to see it inside and out, while Katie and I sat on a bench and just enjoyed the sunshine. Lunken has a terrific track around it for walking, running, and biking, so you don't wait until there's an attraction to check it out. There's another chance to take in some history starting tomorrow (June 23-26), when the Flying Ford vintage aircraft flies into Lunken, and you can even take a ride on that one. Flights on the Ford Tri-motor are $60 per seat with the cockpit right seat available for $100. And be sure to grab a bite to eat at the Sky Galley restaurant. I love the wraps, and Ric is a fan of the burgers.

My son Eric got to see his very first Reds game this month with his big sister Katie by his side. I've been raising Katie as a Reds fan since we moved back here when she was 5 years old, and I think she goes to more games than I do now! Ric and I took the kids to see the Reds vs. Dodgers, and we were so excited when Brandon Phillips came right up to the crowd along the wall to sign autographs. Eric had no idea what a big deal that was! Brandon's definitely a crowd pleaser because he's so friendly to the fans. Joey Votto hit a homerun to touch off the smokestack fireworks. We ate tons of good ballpark food -- a brat at the ballgame is always a must for me -- and had a great time cheering on our Reds. Perfect day!

If you're looking for an inside activity on one of our horribly hot days, a cool spot is the Jump Zone in Florence. It's a good way for the kids to get some exercise without the danger of heat exhaustion. After about 2 hours of this, Eric took a terrific nap that day, which is just what Mommy needs sometimes! You can sign up for special offers at the Jump Zone website too. Http://

And rain didn't dampen our good time at the Walk for Wishes at Sawyer Point last Saturday. We listened to music from the U.C. Jazz band and B105, ate some Domino's Pizza, and raised money for the Make A Wish Foundation. Thanks to everyone who came out in the wet weather to make wishes come true with me and Ric, including my fabulous co-workers Katy Morgan, Tom McCullough, and Ashley Whittle!

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