Monday, June 13, 2011

My Hometown and The Vineyards Trip

Sometimes you have those weekends that are just perfect where everything seems to go just right. This past weekend was one of them...Marzullo Here! My girlfriend and a few friends and I went to my hometown of Cleveland this weekend to enjoy a nice Italian dinner at my parents and to spend the afternoon visiting some of Cleveland's vineyards and wineries. We started the weekend with a trip to my hometown of Chagrin Falls where we enjoyed breakfast along the Chagrin River and the tranquil sounds of the waterfalls. I grew up with this my entire life and never really appreciated the beauty of it until I moved away, it is a true little gem in Northeast, Ohio. After breakfast we made the trip east of Cleveland where we visited some of Lake Eries over nineteen wineries and vineyards. The first one we went to is a favorite of my family, The South River Vineyard. It is centered around a old church which was actually built in 1892, however the building was moved and reconstructed in 2002 in Harpersfield, Ohio on the property of a vineyard. You can sit back in the Tuscany atmosphere and overlook acres and acres of vines all while enjoying some of there specially boutique wines. You can also feel free to bring your own cheese and appetizers while listening to great music. After South River we ventured over to Harpersfield Vineyeards and a few others. The weather was perfect with sunshine, the wine tasty, and the company fantastic as Northeast, Ohioans are now just getting out since our weather here warms a lot quicker than up north. So if your looking for a weekend getaway make a trip north.

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