Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carew Tower: Older And Now Smaller

It's still spectacular. Hey guys. It's Rob and my day to blog.

( Pictures posted by Frank, because Rob still does not get it! )

A week ago, Great American Tower at Queen City Square was topped off with much fanfare. It was pretty exciting. Our Meghan Mongillo covered the story live for you all morning. It was indeed a big deal, but I didn't want Carew Tower to feel like second banana. Like Mary Wilson to Diana Ross or Ed McMahon to Johnny Carson.

Walking into Carew Tower is like walking back in time. Plans for the building were announced in 1929. Crews started the foundation in 1930 and it was completed in 1931. The building is often described as one of the finest examples of French Art Deco style.

The Hall of Mirrors hosted John and Jackie Kennedy in the early 1960's. The Pavilion Caprice which looks like a ballroom of an ocean liner was where Doris Day made her professional debut at the age of 16. My favorite room is the Palm Court. They don't build grand rooms like this anymore. It used to be the hotel's lobby and lounge in the 1930s.

Today its a great place to catch Sunday brunch or a late night drink. You can hear a live music most nights. The food is great. I recommend the pork belly sliders.
It was Winston Churchill who said, "Cincinnati, I thought was the most beautiful of the inland cities of the union. From the tower of its unsurpassed hotel the city spreads far and wide...."

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