Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Training for Columbus Marathon

This will be my 10th marathon and I really didn't think I had it in me....Hey everyone. Rob here.

Earlier this year, I was training for the Flying Pig. However it wasn't going well, so I had to abandon my quest for a marathon this year (or so I thought.) Also, the pig in 2009 was a disaster for me. Slow, hard and excruciating. That's a picture of me taken by a viewer at mile 16 in Mariemont. I'm completely suicidal and depressed. I don't know if those are tears or sweat. With that nightmarish experience fresh in my mind, it was easy to give up on training this year. I didn't run the pig, but I did cheer on runners. I saw a lot of friends including Corey, Ryan and Zach. It was wet and miserable, and I was jealous.
About a month ago I started running with a fellow runner who is MUCH faster than me. My fastest marathon time 3:09. His is more than 30 minutes faster. The first time we ran, the pace was blistering. After it was over, I said you make me feel like Frank when he runs with me. He asked if Frank was a runner, and I said ah.. No.

Usually, I'm not that regimented when it comes to marathon training. This time I'm keeping a training log. Last week, I logged 40 miles. Columbus here I come.

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