Monday, July 12, 2010

Go Take A Hike

Marzullo Here... After a nice break from the muggy and humid weather this weekend, get ready the muggies will return to the Tri-State. The first part of the week, we can expect unsettled weather with off and on thunderstorms, then by Wednesday, the haze and heat will once again take over the Queen City skyline. So what is one to do to stay cool? Yeah, the usual air conditioned mall or movie theater always good, however what about a hike? I know what your saying how does staying outdoors keep you cool? Well, you have to stay hydrated, but if you can handle it the shade of the trees really does keep you cool. Last week I took a hike and I have to tell you so many memories of childhood came rushing back in. When I saw large trees hanging over streams and water trickling through, all I could think of was when I would build forts back in the woods with my buddies growing up. We have 4 acres of woods behind our home so there was always a new path to discover. The only negative was when I was in 9th grade and came down with a awful case of poison ivy. It was everywhere, in my eyes and throat, ( argggg not pretty ) plus it happened the week of school pictures not a picture that we saved for the old scrapbook!
A positive memory of the woods, is when my family and I would take our annual Thanksgiving Morning walk. We had moved from the city to the country and that was our first experience with the woods. We kept the tradition alive and would get our hot chocolate and walk through the woods every year before our Turkey.
So if you can handle the warming air this week take a walk through some of our areas nature trails and become one with mother nature!

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