Thursday, July 22, 2010

We Have Computers Now

Hi it’s Meghan:) No it's not 1987 and this not breaking news. But I wanted to let you know about something you might have noticed while watching the show. If you look at the wide shot of the two anchors sitting at the desk you can now see little computers with the FOX19 logo.

Those are brand new Netbook computers. The anchors use them to read scripts, respond to emails and to watch for breaking news alerts. We had computers on set before, but they were slightly below the desk on a small table so they wouldn’t be seen. They were awkward to use and not helpful since they weren’t in front of the anchors. The Netbooks are a great addition they are smaller and easier to see and use. Plus it now gives Rob something to do during commerical breaks:)

The computer is just another tool we use to make sure the information we deliver is accurate and up to the minute. Thanks for watching!

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