Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mr. Benson Meets Prince

How Was Your 4th Of July? Besides it being hot as a firecracker the last several days, our weather was perfect for celebrating our country's Independence Day! Good Morning, Frank Marzullo here. We have been talking about the HEAT EMERGENCIES that remain in effect for the metro area this week, and with temperatures in the mid-90's it reminds us to watch out for our four-legged friends and make sure they have plenty of water. A good idea is to put ice cubes in the water bowl to make it a colder treat for them.

Speaking of our four legged friends, my dog, Mr. Benson had a awesome 4th of July weekend. He met his cousin, Prince, a miniature french bulldog. Benson traveled to my parents house in Cleveland this weekend where we introduced him to my brother's dog Prince. The two got along great, which was a bit of a concern at first, because my mother is not a huge fan of having dogs in the house. The first time Mr. Benson had a accident in the house you would of thought we had a nuclear leak, my dad used just about every cleaning product for the hardwood floor possible, for just a dime size of Benson's potty. ( Yes I said Potty ! ) Anyway, the two spent all day Saturday running in the backyard off the patio, Benson looked like a race track rabbit as Prince chased him in circles. The big treat was when they would play tug of war with Benson's favorite toy, his squeaky stuffed monkey. If you have more than one dog, or introduced your dog to a new one, I am sure you know what I mean, they just ran all weekend long, but when we left on Monday Mr. Benson passed out the entire trip back and he continues to sleep in the cool house.
Before I Go: we were driving up to my aunts lake house on Lake Erie, Sunday and we found out that Benson owns a auto repair shop. I had no idea, so if you need a oil filter changed or your rotors rotated give Benson a call!

Have A Great Day Everyone and Stay Cool!

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