Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cool Roadside Joint in Newtown

Hi it’s Meghan:) I love to try eclectic new places and this past Saturday afternoon I found a great one. Corral 32 is on Route 32 in Newtown, OH, or "Main Street" as the locals call it. I just happened to drive by and thought it looked interesting (well, that, and I was starving!) so I decided to stop for a late lunch.

Corral 32 is a bit hard to explain or classify. It's an ice cream shop that's also a BBQ joint on weekends, but its atmosphere feels more like an old trading post. The house that was built back in 1836 has now been remodeled to look like a barn, and the porch and yard contain a hodgepodge of antiques, from Tonka trucks to a Magnavox record player that still works. The owner, Ted Gerrard, sometimes brings his animals down for a petting zoo. Other times they have live music performances. Ted says that July 31 is Open Mic Night for anyone who wants to belt out a song or play an instrument.

Phil (wearing the cowboy hat) smokes the ribs and chicken with real hickory wood for about 3 hours before transferring them to the grill and adding his homemade BBQ sauce. He says he messed up 100 different sauces before perfecting his current recipe, which I tried over both chicken and ribs. I also tried his "sagebrush beans" that have sage and apples cooked in. A soft serve twist cone was my sweet treat at the end, and it was all delicious!!!

Corral 32 is only open seasonally right now, so I'm glad I drove by when I did!

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