Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Weekend For Golf

PGA Golf hit the Tri-State this past weekend, and it was a hole in one for everyone involved. Good Morning Frank Here...The Nationwide Tour took the fairways at TPC Riverbend just north of Cincinnati, for the inaugural Chiquita Classic. I hope this becomes a regular event here in Cincinnati because it was top notch experience for players and those who lined the greens to watch world class golf right here in the Tri-State. The course was well groomed and looked fantastic. Even with temperatures on Saturday, in the upper 80's and the muggy weather, organizers had plenty of shade available and hospitality tents were nothing but top notch. Oh if you wanted some potassium there was no shortage of bananas along the entire course and in the club house.
Over 156 male golfers went after a 550 thousand dollar purse, and the winner, Tommy Gainey shot a 3-under 69 to become the Nationwide Tour's first two-time winner this season, holding on for a three-stroke victory. He was not the only winner however, many local charities benefit from this event. In fact, I took a put or two for charity, all weekend long you could buy puts with money going to charity, I will not discuss my dismal performance though. The event was televised on the Golf Channel, yet another venue that showed off our community in a classy light. Like our crew on the FOX19 Morning News, those behind the camera work very hard. I could not imagine carrying camera equipment in that type of weather to bring the fairways to the television set. While we were on the 18th hole watching, we came awfully close to getting a golf ball in the eye, talk about golf in 3D. A ball dropped right in front of the Skybox about 5 feet from hitting the metal railing. You can see in the picture to the right how close he came to us. What you do not see on tv are the many volunteers and tech crews who are very close to the golfers, making sure the crowds are quiet and that each stroke and shot can be heard on television. If you have never watched golf in person you are really missing out it is amazing to see the talents of those on the tour. No fear, the Chiquita Classic will return for at least three years.

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