Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flying Through The Air With The Greatest of Ease

There's just something unnatural about jumping out of a tree when you're several stories up. I did it anyway.

Sheila here. You don't have to go far to have an amazing adventure. Just an hour from downtown Cincinnati, you can fly through the trees at Dagaz Acres. Patrick and Lori Noonan opened their scenic zipline course about a year an a half ago in Rising Sun, Indiana. They wanted to give families a way to spend time together and get out into nature. This is one fantastic way of doing that.

You may remember, Rob, Frank, Meghan, Dan Carroll, and I tried it out not long after it opened, and I finally got back out there with my daughter Katie, and our friends Sara and Lisa.
I felt a little more confident when I started running for the first zipline, since I'd been there before. The first time I was terrified! You can't help but get a little scared when you catch your first glimpse at what looks like a pretty thin wire stretching over valleys which get bigger and bigger.

My 16-year-old daughter Katie and her friend Sara screamed on their first zipline, but I'd say they were a lot more daring than their moms. I think it's because there's something in my brain which is screaming, do not jump out of this tree! It was screaming especially loud on that very last zip, which is in the background in our group photo.

Patrick and his son Joe run Dagaz Acres, and they've done a great job of clearing out older trees on their many acres to make way for new growth. They get some help from local Boy Scout troops, and in exchange, the boys get a place to earn their badges and commune with nature. They spend a lot of days and nights there.

Every summer I try to find a few special ways to
spend time with Katie, and our day at Dagaz
Acres was perfect. We laughed together (sweated together too!), and the girls had fun trying to knock us moms off of the Burma bridge. Lisa and I were tough! We stayed right on there, no matter how much they jumped on the wire. One thing that really stuck with me, outside of the time spent with Katie, was how fresh and clean everything looks and smells when you get out in the woods. We don't do it often enough.

I was surprised when Patrick Noonan told me he gets a lot more visitors from Indianapolis than from Cincinnati, especially since we are a lot closer. Dagaz Acres may be in Indiana, but it's an
easy drive from the city, and I hope more people will take advantage of it.

Patrick has a discount coupon on his website along with more information.
And if you have a little time to kill, you can watch the Fox 19 Morning News Team taking on Dagaz Acres here:

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