Thursday, July 8, 2010

Really Getting Away

Hi it's Meghan:) I just got back from vacation. Every year since before I was born my family heads to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. I love's like a home away from home. This year was no different. Tennis, swimming, beach volleyball, reading and relaxing.

But the best thing I did was disconnect. I turned off my Blackberry and didn't watch TV for a week. It felt so good to have the real world disappear for a while. I didn't think about work or anything else important (Sorry FOX19 family - i am glad to be back.)

If you are going away... even for a few days, I highly suggest turning off the cellphone, TV and computer. Try just sitting and talking to the people you are with. I think in this technology driven society, the art and warmth you get from having a real conversation is missing. But the good news's not hard to get it back - you just have to unplug.

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