Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad Mr. Benson

A Angry Frank Marzullo Here...GOOD MORNING!
He has been behaving so well the last month or so, but we had a set back last night. Yes, I am talking about our favorite weather dog Mr. Benson! If you watch regularly you will notice sometimes I wear my glasses and sometimes I do not, depending on allergies, tiredness, and if I am out of contacts. Well for some reason Mr. Benson decided to lash out at me last night as I was getting my weatherman sleep, he decided to jump on the bed and walk to the night stand. He then decided to make a snack out of my glasses. I woke up about 1am for my usual glass of cranberry juice, before I sleep for another 90min or so, and that is when I found him chewing my eye wear. I got a tad angry and he looked at me and then I just grabbed the glasses and crawled back into bed. What am I going to do with him? He is just a puppy so it's okay, but still Mr. Benson do not chew my glasses. These are my favorite that I picked up at York Vision in Kenwood, I may have to make a visit to Cliff York and his shop to see if we can buff out a few of the chew marks on the lens and the end of the frame. However, the brains behind our morning news, our Assistant News Director, Marita, just told me you can not even tell he chewed them. I say yes you can I know I am kinda of obsessive when it comes to these things. Anyway have a good day everyone!