Monday, April 12, 2010

Glee Auditions

I can't sing; I can barely dance.

Hope you had a nice weekend. Rob here.
I hosted the the "Glee" auditions finals on Friday. 19 Finalist were vying for a chance to be seen by Glee producers and casting directors. 10 of the finalist were chosen from hundreds after auditioning for judges late last month. 9 were chosen from online submissions. Most of them from the tri-state, but few traveled hundreds of miles to perform. There was an 11Th grader who traveled all the way from New Jersey and a student from San Diego.

It was held at the Patricia Corbett Theatre on UC's campus. There were 3 judges. Tim from KISS 107, Sonja with the Symphony, and Aubrey Berg. He's the Chairman of the musical theater department at CCM. Now he was tough, and reminded me of James Lipton of "Behind the Actors Studio.

They all sang well, but in the end the judges chose Max Chernin as the winner.

He will now be seen by "Glee" producers who are creating 3 characters for next season. They're hoping to cast unknowns. BTW Fox19 reporter Corey McConnell brother if a finalist in St. Louis.

"Glee" back on Fox19 tomorrow at 9:28 after "American Idol."

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