Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Spoonful Of Sugar

Good Morning Frank Here...
What about this weather? With temperatures in the 70's yesterday I took Mr. Benson out for a walk and I got my first Graeters of the season, mint chip with chocolate sauce! YUM! Just a perfect stretch of days and temperatures will continue to flirt with 80 degrees until Friday, when thunderstorms will bring us cooler air in the low 60's this weekend.

While the weather has been perfect I did take a little time to spend indoors Friday night watching Mary Poppins at the Aronoff Center downtown. WOW, What a show! No matter if you have children or if your a kid at heart I am confident you will enjoy this show. Not only did the music bring back so many childhood memories but the production value of this Broadway musical is a TEN! It was like taking the moving out of the television and putting it on stage. Remember the songs, Spoon Full Of Sugar, Feed The Birds, and Step In Time?? I highly recommend this show it will be here in the Tri-State until Sunday April 25th.
By The Way: On Wednesday's show Meghan and I will learn a dance from the cast and later this week I will be taking you behind the curtain of this hit musical.

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