Thursday, April 8, 2010

Full Circle?

"We go to college to free our minds of littleness."--Robert Frost

Sheila here. Please forgive me if I didn't get the quote exactly right. I am quoting from memory after my trip last week to Ohio University in Athens. Frost's quote was on a plaque on Memorial Auditorium, commemorating his visit to O.U. in the 1960's.
Going to college is certainly a rite of passage, but so must be a mother's first college visit with her child. I made mine with my daughter Katie. Katie has grown up hearing about my love for O.U. and the priceless education I received there. She's considering a career in Communication, so I wanted her to experience the program which I consider to be the best in the country.

I found out when I signed up for Ohio U. that I have a family history there. My grandmother attended classes in Athens after being raised in Lancaster, Ohio, and my Aunt Shirley was educated there. Maybe there's something in Katie's DNA which helped her fall in love with the campus.
We spent two days talking with professors, visiting WOUB, the university radio and TV stations, and touring the campus. There are many new features at O.U., but much remains the same as it was in the days when I attended. I loved sharing it with Katie.

We have many more college visits to make, and I don't know what path Katie will choose, but there was truly something special about trekking the brick streets of Athens and walking through the College Green. While part of me is sad to see my little girl growing up so quickly, I am excited about her dreams and helping to guide her on life's winding path. It'll be fun to find out whether that path takes her through Ohio University.

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