Friday, April 9, 2010

Reds Win ... Reds Win

Good Day, Frank Marzullo Here

Well finally yesterday afternoon for the first time this season if you were listening to the Reds on the radio you heard Marty say, " And this one belongs to the Reds!" And what a way to win the game, bottom of the 9th tied 1 to 1 and Jonny Gomes at the plate for a walk off home run to give the Reds there first win of the season and avoid being swept by the St. Louis Cardinals. Bronson pitched a great game as well, and he had a RBI to get the Reds on the board first.

I was very lucky to actually witness this game in person, my co-anchor Rob and I went to the game and did some anchor bonding yesterday afternoon. The weather worked out perfect, it could of been warmer, but the rain stopped on schedule and by the 7th inning stretch we noticed sunshine. We were fortunate enough to sit fairly close behind home plate and it was great to see familiar faces from last season, the staff is always so friendly. The Reds organization really has a class act operation no matter what section you sit in the fan experience is amazing.
Now with sunny skies this weekend and the Cubs in town it's going to be exciting at Great American Ball Park, I am actually going to Sundays game with my father but I am not going to eat as much. I ate way to much yesterday and I wanted Rob to take a picture of me at the park for the blog, but he refused to, yes you heard me he refused to take a picture. I mean really Rob? Put down your phone stop text messaging people and take a picture. So I had to take a picture of myself, I know kinda of close but I wanted to share the experience. It's funny Rob and I have a big brother / little brother relationship sometimes people think we do not get along or that he wants to push me off the Big Mac bridge, but we do get along, we just give each other a hard time. ( Sometimes I think he wants to push me off the bridge, and I get scared! )

Hey everyone. Rob Here. Frank has more than enough pictures of himself. More than any normal person should have. Does he have to put a picture of himself in every blog. Really Frank? BTW I don't want to push him of the bridge. Carew Tower maybe, but never a bridge. There's enough junk in the Ohio River.
Last Word Frank Back Here: I am the one that just did Robs work for him and wrote this BLOG POST except the little part that he through in, I am the one who also did the layout while Rob barked demands from over at the news desk, so I put a picture of him on the blog just to show him who is in charge here. HAHA Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Sometimes people ask me if you guys are friends or not. I have to laugh and tell them, you are! It's all in good fun.