Friday, April 16, 2010

Lack Of Words This Week

Good Morning, Frank Here, and I will be honest I have a hard time blogging this week. However, I am going to try this morning, it was just one of those weeks. I had a hard time thinking of topics, I am sure nobody wanted to hear about my acid reflux that I had earlier in the week. I guess I am getting older. If you know of anyone or if you suffer from it, wow it can be awful. However, the Doctor hooked me up so feeling a bit better, we will leave it at that.

Then we have Mr. Benson to talk about, oh yes my dog Mr. Benson, if Rob is reading this he is probably rolling his eyes and in about 5 seconds will shout across the newsroom " Stop Talking About Your Dog! " or he will say " Nobody Cares " hahaha ...Well, I could of talked a lot more about him this week but I am sure nobody wanted to hear that he had the "procedure done" and I was kinda of concerned. While I know it's pretty standard, I still felt bad dropping the little guy off at the vet, but he did great and I get to pick him up after the show today. I have been told he will a tad calmer now after " the procedure " I wonder if he will be mad at me and grouchy this weekend? Since it will be cooler maybe he and I will hug the couch watching the DVR this weekend.

I told you, it was hard for me to blog this week, because of these two things. So I promise next week to BLOG AWAY!
Before I Go, I wanted to share with you that I visisted DoJo Gelato at Findlay Market yesterday, and I loved the Carmel with Sea Salt. Soooooo Goooood.....I love Gelato smooth and creamy and refreshing! Go Get A Scoop!

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