Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday :) It's Meghan.
Have you done your spring cleaning yet? It's fairly easy to bag up clothes and household items and drop them off at St. Vincent DePaul or Goodwill.

But what about your old electronics? If you have any computers, cell phones or printers that need to be recycled there's a place to take them this Saturday. The Whole Foods in Hyde Park and in Mason are holding an E-Cycling event. It's from 10-3.

Ecycling recovers valuable materials from old electronics and uses it to make new products. Doing that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, energy and resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.

So you can help save the enviroment! Plus get rid of that clunky old computer that's been sitting in your basement;)

Have a great weekend.

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